April’s Naeun Looks Like LOONA’s Chuu?

April‘s Naeun looks like LOONA‘s Chuu?

Some fans compared the idols’ similarities, noticing how much the two girls look alike, especially when they smile.

Naeun (APRIL)

Chuu (LOONA) 


“Ah, they look alike. They are both cute. “

“Chuu looks like Han Seungyeon”

“They look like twins when they laugh”

“The two are similar but the atmosphere is different. They are both pretty and cute”

“They don’t look alike but in the last shots they look like real sisters”

“They look alike when they smile. Cute”

“Both look really pretty and lovely. They look more like each other when they smile”

“I think height and size are similar. They really look alike”

Original post: theqoo

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