BLACKPINK’s Members Absolutely Stun In The Latest Photoshoot With VOGUE

Blackpink graced the cover of Vogue‘s magazine March Issue!

On February 16, Vogue Korea released new photos of BLACKPINK on their Instagram profile. Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa showed off their unique charisma and superior visuals.

Enjoy the photoshoot below


“Wow model Lisa”

“Why Jisoo is so beautiful? HER face is amazing” 

“Jennie Kim prettiest girl to ever exist”

“Perfection….. you just can’t spell PERFECT without Jennie Kim”

“Jisoo the superior one”

“Lisa so cool”


“Park Chaeyoung is the prettiest woman in the world and no one can’t deny it”

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MARCH ISSUE / type A 블랙핑크, 페트라 콜린스와 만나다 GD의 귀환 아무렇지도 않은 ZICO 봉준호의 불안 굿바이 고티에 하나의 무브먼트, Lizzo 김동욱과 문가영의 기억과 망각 사이 가깝고도 낯선 송지효와 김무열 스티브 맥퀸 감독의 회고 예수정이라는 확장자 인간의 선함을 믿는 제인 구달 그리고 VOGUE FASHION MONTH! – PHOTOGRAPHER / Petra Collins FASHION EDITOR / Kihoh Sohn, Hyunji Nam STYLIST / Gee Eun HAIR / Sunyoung Lee MAKEUP / Myungsun Lee NAIL / Eunkyung Park @ Unistella FLORIST / Soomin Ha @ Grove SET STYLING / Seoyun Choi @ Da;rak RETOUCH / Wonseok Jang @ 99 Digital #블랙핑크 #Blackpink – #VogueKorea’s March issue features cover stars BLACKPINK lensed by #PetraCollins, along with #GDragon, #ZICO, #BongJoonho, #JeanPaulGaultier, #Lizzo and more. #Vogue #金珍妮 #朴彩英 #金智秀

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