Bae Suzy Melts All Hearts Wearing A Simple Shirt & Jeans

On February 15, Suzy‘s agency Management Soop posted new pictures on their Instagram profile with the caption, “Reduce the brightness of your cell phone to 0 The smile by #Suzy ,, Too bright ?✨ And the moment when #Suzy and #Guess met again ?”

In the photos, Suzy wears a white shirt and a pair of jeans, showing off her natural beauty.


“Suzy X Guess ❤️ perfect”

“I super love the caption. Suzy brightens up everything”

“Guess x Suzy in love again”

“OMG my Queen”

“My angel my sweetie my queen bogoshipo”

“I followed your instruction. Suzy’s so bright”

“My eyes hurt.. ? too bright ✨”

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