Kang Daniel Steals Fangirls’ Heart With New Pictures Released By Cosmopolitan Korea

Kang Daniel + Valentine’s Day = Perfection

On February 14, Cosmopolitan Korea posted adorable pictures of Kang Daniel on their Instagram profile.

They wrote, ‘Happy Valentine Day <3 Global Sorts Brand Puma has released special photo with ambassador Kang Daniel! Would you like to have a sweet Valentine’s Day with Kang Daniel who makes your hearth rich?’

The singer looks gorgeous wearing a pink outfit and holding heart shaped balloons.


“Happy valentine”

“Kang Daniel is very pretty”

“He looks so good in pink”

“Thank you for the beautiful gift”

“The real Valentine’s gift is Kang Daniel”

“Pink Kang Daniel is so lovely”

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Dear Daniel”

cr images: Cosmopolitan Korea

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