(G)I-DLE’s Minnie Looks Like An Adorable Doll In Latest Instagram Update

Minnie posted today many pictures on (G)I-DLE’s Instagram profile. She looks absolute stunning with a white blouse and a black sequin skirt.

She wrote, “Did anyone watch ‘Sugarman two yoo project’ yesterday? It was an honor to cover Kim Wonjun’s famous song, “SHOW.” It was fun on stage too. It was the first time I produced the song, the original song was so good that I had a lot of worries about arranging it, I still don’t know it well so I got a lot of help! Thanks to Wonho oppa, because of you, the arrangement came out well. It’s still not enough but thank you so much for everyone who loved the song! Please look forward to the new look of us in the future. I love you Neverland.♡”


“Why you’re so pretty??” 

“You steal my heart more and more each day”

“Minnie prettiest girl ever”

“Omg Minnie are u real?”

“You’re out here being the cutest human alive”

“We are proud of you Minnie”

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