OH MY GIRL’s Yooa Introduces Her Soulmate On Latest Instagram Update

Yooa posted today several pictures on Oh My Girl’s Instagram profile, telling fans about her precious soulmate ‘Worry’.

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She wrote, “Let me introduce you to Sha Sha’s Soulmate ㅎ. When I go home, I carry this doll with me(Of course, when I sleep, I hug it tight). He listens to my worries and eats them.
That’s why his name is ‘Worry’. I’ve been carrying it around too much that he’s getting worn out. His body it’s getting thinner and I can’t wash it because I’m afraid I’ll break it. He’s my precious friend~♡ What do you think about Worry? Isn’t it pretty? ♡”

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샤샤의 소울메이트를 소개할까해용ㅎ ⠀ 집에가면 매일매일 들고 있는 인형이구ㅎ (물론 잘 때도 꼬옥~) 샤샤의 걱정을 들어주고 먹어주는 아이에요 ㅎㅎ 그래서 이름은 걱정이랍니다?ㅎㅎ ⠀ 너무 많이 들고 다녔더니 요즘 걱정이가 많이 비실비실 해졌어용 ㅠㅠ 몸에 살도 많이 없고 빨면 망가질까봐 함부로 세탁도 못하지만 ㅎ 저한텐 세상 소중한 친구랍니다~♡ ⠀ 우리 걱정이 어때용~ 이쁘죠?♡

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