TWICE Mina To Attend Next Month FanMeeting In Japan

On January 8, JYP stated that Mina will attend the next TWICE Japan fanmeeting on February 1st and 2nd.

For the events after, her attendance will depend of her health.

This will be her first public appearance since Twicelights concert on October.

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“Mina I love you and I miss you ㅠ”

“Let’s be happy, Mina”

“Thank you, Mina. I will always support you”

“I feel like she’s feeling a little better. That’s a relief for sure. Let’s be healthy and happy, Mina”

“Mina, I always want you to be healthy and see more smiling faces in 2020”

“Mina thank you for your courage”

“Mina is getting better little by little.Thank you. I love you”

© thumbnail: Twice Instagram

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