KANG DANIEL Ranks #1 In ‘Best Idol’ For The 4th Week Of December

Kang Daniel number one again!

The singer ranked #1 in ‘Best Male Idol’ for the 4th week of December. BTS V ranked second and BTS Jimin third.

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!


“Kang Daniel congratulations”

“Congratulations on winning the first place, Kang Daniel”

“Kang Daniel, congratulations on your last Best Idol in 2019. Good luck in 2020!!”

“Kang Daniel, congratulations for winning Best Idol for the 27th consecutive week! Fans are always waiting for you. Let’s be happy in 2020!”

“Congratulations on becoming a Puma Ambassador today”

“Wow, congratulations Kang Daniel, I miss you”

“So nice and pretty Kang Daniel! Congrats. I hope you stay healthy and calm, Kang Daniel! Fighting! You’re already the best!”

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