GOT7 2020 Bucket List Revealed

GOT7 members reveal their hope and wishes for 2020.

Jackson: Let more people know our music/To rise on Billboard/To make the people who support me proud/To be a group that develops more and brings more results so that our fans are prouder!

TRANSLATION @haetbitmark

Mark: Travel/To meet ahgases more through concerts and albums/To play more with Milo

JB: To go on a trip! Be it domestic or overseas!/ To do a small event with the fans! Regardless of what it is/A good album. To make an album I’m proud of.

Jinyoung: All member to be healthy/Finish the world tour safely/Ahgases to be happy

Youngjae: Be good at singing, to improve and be better than now!!/A vacation around the whole Korea (To know the preciousness of what we have))Ahgases and Coco to be happier

Yugyeom: Learn krumping!/To increase level of (skills) for music equipment/To be happier with ahgases in comparison to last year^^

BamBam: To exercise/work out even more!! than 2019/To raise another cat/To have a stadium (concert) in Korea too!

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