Bea Suzy Smiles Brightly In New Selcas With Actress Moon Jung-hee

On Januery 1, actress Moon Jung-hee posted new photos with Suzy on her Instagram profile.

She wrote, ‘Together at an award ceremony with Vagabond team. It was the happiest day of my life ♡’


“Thank you for sharing”

“This is a happy year end gift to share ?”

“Vagabond team jjang ?”

“Thankyouuu jeonghee nim ??? and chukkaeeee ?”

“Congratulations vagabond team ? luv you all.. And thank you eonni for sharing this beautiful pic ??”

“Congratulations Vagabond team❣️ Well deserved~ Thank you for sharing unnie ?”

“Chukkaee vagabond team ?? Vagabond the best! ?”

“Congratulations for winning the best supporting actress award!❤️”

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#vagabond #배수지 #이승기 #박아인 #2019sbs연기대상 #이모저모 #우리끼리 #셀카타임 #수상타임 #포착 배가본드 팀과 함께한 시상식!! 반갑고 고마운 마음에 젤 기쁜하루 였어요~♡

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