Lovelyz BabySoul Looks Like A Doll In New Mirror Selcas

BabySoul posted today new selcas on Lovelyz’s Instagram profile.

She wrote, ‘Lovelinus, see you tomorrow!?

She looks cute with a cherry sweater, jeans and long brown hair.



“Oh you are very very pretty ❤️”

“Unnie I miss you ❤️”

“Soul in Jeans~~^^”

“I will watch your stage tomorrow on TV”

“I love you, unnie. Don’t get sick. Have a nice end of the year?”

“BabySoul has a lot of talent. Lovelyz fighting!”

“The cherry sweater is so cute. Cheer up for the last day of the year”

“I’ll look forward for tomorrow’s performance ❤️”

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러블리너스 내일 만나자!?

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