BLACKPINK Jennie Shows Off Her Amazing Bare Face On Instagram Photos

On December 24, Jennie posted new photos on her personal Instagram with the caption, ‘Merry Christmas.’

In the pictures, she showed off her beauty with minimal make-up and natural brown hair.


“Merry Christmas Jennie yaaa ?”

“My baby?❤️ Merry christmas miss jennie?”

“You became prettier by the day ?”

“You’r so pretty?? too much to handle”

“So pretty pls stop cause Ur killing me?”

“Jennie Baby Pretty Love you ❤️ pretty !!! ?”

“Merry christmas jennie.i hope u have a good year، Stay strong, because we always love u?”

“Merry Christmas Jennie !!!!!!Enjoy your beautiful Day with your Family and Friends!!!!”

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