Bae Suzy Is The Most Beautiful Flower On Her Latest Instagram Update

On December 19, Suzy posted new photos on her Instagram profile. She looks adorable holding a bouquet of flowers and sending a kiss to her fans.

She wrote, ‘Movie # BaekduMountain ? will be released today!! Thank you so much Dashing Diva? for the beautiful bouquet of flowers???’


“Congratulations ?”

“Congrats unnie so proud of you ? can’t wait for new drama❤️?”

“She’s so pretty today❤️”

“You are so talented! A lot of love for you”

“Cant wait to watch it Queen”

“Ashfall team lets hit big!!?”

“You really are the most beautiful girl in the world”

“Wish you many great success ??”

“So happy everyone said you did a good job ?”

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