KPop 90s Edits: The Latest Trend Of Photos Correction Among Overseas Fans

KPop 90s Edits are the latest trend of photos correction among overseas fans.

It is also called ’90s heartthrob’ or ‘sparkles edit’ or ‘retro edit’.

Check out all the pictures below!

BoA’s new music video uses that kind of correction.

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“Joy and Boa looks pretty”

“Joy, you look like you’re about to shoot an old movie”

“How can you do this? How can I do it? I want to imitate it”

“It’s pretty, but I prefer high-definition photos”

“It looks so weird”

“There is an app that does this”

“It’s low-definition like foggy”

“I don’t like it because it’s low-definition….”

“I just want to see this as an album jacket picture”

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