Actor Jung Il Woo Shares A Cute Photo With Kang Daniel On Instagram

Actor Jung Il Woo has posted a photo of him with Kang Daniel on Instagram today.

In the photo, they are smiling brightly and making a V Sign after meeting at “Convenience Store Restaurant”.

He wrote, “Convenience Store Restaurant special MC Kang Daniel dongsaeng? I wish you could be my younger brother”.


“Cuties ❤❤”

“You two look alike!” 

“Thanks for your prompt updates~ ??❤️”

“Two handsome boys ???”

“You smile so cute, always smile, I like your smile?”

“Thanks for supporting Kang Daniel”

“How beautiful! I love them ?”

“Wow happy to see you both..stay healthy ?”

“Thank you for your pictures?”

“Be strong Kang Daniel”

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