Kang Daniel Shows Off His Innocent Beauty In Happy Birthday Photos

On December 10, Kang Daniel‘s official Instagram posted a message congratulating the singer’s birthday, along with his photos.

Happy birthday to Kang Daniel ?”

In the photos, Kang Daniel poses for his selcas with a bright smile and a V sign.

Many comments were posted to wish him a happy birthday filled with joy.


“Kang Daniel you’ve worked hard? happy birthday?”

“Happy Birthday CEO Kang ! ❤️❤️ I Love You ❤️”

“Dear Daniel, please don’t look at the people who hate you, look at how many people love you. happy birthday dear?”

“Happy Birthday Danielll?. Always be happy and Fighting! Danity and wannables is here for you”

“Happy birthdayyyyy may your day blessed with many giggles, we love you so much”

“Get well really soon King ?? Danity are here for you ??”

“Be healty daniel , we always with you ♥️”

“We love you&miss you ❤ happy birthday ?? don’t worry everyone and everything just smile, you’re beautiful boy ❤❤”

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