BTS Taehyung Wearing The Same School Uniform Before vs Now

As you can see in the photos below, Taehyung is using the same tie!

Before (2014)

Now – 2019 Mama Awards

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“You grew up so good”

“Wow, that’s crazy. You look great”

“How does a person look like that? A face born to be a real idol”

“He’s so hot right now. Why are you so sexy? I’m not even a fan, but I think he grew up so well”

“He’s so pretty. I miss seeing him when he was 20 years old”

“The atmosphere is… He has his own atmosphere. I’m rooting for you! May your body and mind be healthy all the time”

“I have tears in my eyes”

“Please make a drama or a movie”

“Ha has become such a good man”

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