Kang Daniel Will Probably Not Perform At Year-End Festivals

It has been revealed today that Kang Daniel will probably not be able to perform at this year-end festivals.

“He has been diagnosed with depression and panic disorder,” said Konnect Entertainment. “New activities with the digital single ‘Touchin’ are in fact very difficult.”

“Kang Daniel also complained of symptoms of anxiety that have become more acute recently. We have concluded that the top priority for the health and safety of the artist is to take enough rest,” they added.


“Kang Daniel, let’s see you again”

“Danity is rooting for you!

“I’ll see you again in good health, Daniel. Fighting”

“Many fans are cheering for Kang Daniel to come back healthy”

“Daniel, slowly recover your health”

“I hope Kang Daniel is happy. I’m rooting for you”

“Get well soon and get back to the stage, Kang Daniel. Cheer up”

“The health of an artist is the top priority”

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