Kang Daniel Showed Off His Big Smile While Talking About His Mom On ‘My Ugly Duckling’

Kang Daniel was the special guest on SBS variety program ‘My Ugly Duckling’ on December 8.

During the episode he talked about his relationship with his mom. He said that he loves her very much, they are like friends and they can talk for hours.

“My mom always asks me if I’m happy.
When I do something good, or when I receive a prize she doesn’t ask me what I got. She just asks me if I’m happy,”

Kang Daniel then left a message to his mom, “Thank you for raising me for 24 years. Thank you for being the best family and friend of each other’s lives. I’ll take care of you in the future, so I hope you’re always healthy and happy. I love you.”

His relationship with his mother is really special!

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