‘Fan N Star’ Held a Special Event To Support Kang Daniel

Fan N Star held a special event to support Kang Daniel

It’s a global advertising project where messages rooting for Kang Daniel are posted in many places.

Fans at home and abroad who love Kang Daniel can participate together.

Participating in the Kang Daniel cheering project can be done in the “ADs” section of the “Fan & Star” website. The project will run until December 22.


“I’m always rooting for you, Kang Daniel”

“Kang Daniel, I hope you get well soon I miss you”

“I’m rooting for Kang Daniel. Happy birthday”

“Kang Daniel! I will always support you!”

“Kang Daniel, let’s meet in good health. Let’s be happy”

“I’ll always cheer for you, Kang Daniel. I love you so much”

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