TWICE Jeongyeon Shows Off Her Natural Beauty In Latest Instagram Update

On December 8, Jeongyeon posted a new photo on TWICE Instagram profile.

She wrote:“We arrived in Korea safely ~ Thank you for coming to the airport to see us, I hope no one gets hurt and be careful coming home. The weather is very cold, be careful not to catch a cold.”


“So pretty Jeongyeon make sure to rest well ❤️”

“Stay warm Queen!!”

“Rest well girls??????”

“Natural beauty ???”

“Twice fighting we love you ??”

“And you take care yourself ??”

“You’re the prettiest ?please take care ✨ eat well, rest well, drink water and keep you warm, take care of could. I love you so much ?”

“This is cause Jihyo fell/tripped over a fan who fell over right? So she probably got worried about everyone who came and told us to be careful”

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