Kang Daniel Fanclub Donated 2,904,000 Won To Celebrate The Singer’s Birthday

Kang Daniel Fans, called”Team Avengers”, donated 2,904,000 won to celebrate Kang Daniel’s 24th birthday on December 10.

The money will be used to support fuel costs for low-income families in Yeongdo.

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“Kang Daniel’s fans are making consistent donations. I’m impressed”

“Daniel’s influence is really warm, Kang Daniel cheer up”

“I look like Kang Daniel’s good influence. The fans have a pretty heart. I hope everyone stays warm during the cold winter. Kang Daniel and his fans are so cool”

“Like Daniel, Danity are nice and beautiful too!I love and support Daniel!”

“Kang Daniel and Danity are both wonderful people with good influence. I’ll be with you for the rest of my life”

“I’m rooting for Kang Daniel’s good influence”

“Team Avengers, you’re the best. I’m touched. I love you because you look like Kang Daniel”

“Kang Daniel and Danity Fighting!”

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