TWICE Momo Posted Tearful Selcas On Instagram After MAMA Awards

On December 4, after 2019 MAMA Awards, Momo posted new selcas, thanking fans for the awards received.

She wrote, “Thanks to ONCE we received many awards today, heheh Thank you ♡ It was an important moment… and I wasn’t able to do the award speech… So sorry…ㅜㅜ Teardrop makeup today??”


“I love you my baby, thank you for today. You dit ir great, rest well ❤️”

“Kawaiii momoru?”

“You did a great job on the stage”

“It’s okay Momo we still love u ?”

“Nooo you were cute ?”

“Love you, Momo! Proud of you and the girls always ?”

“Deserve sooo much!!! love you bby!!! you’re working hard always thank you for everything y’all do for us!!! ???”

“My best girls you guys did great job and fighting ? Twice & Once?”

“Congratulations for winning lots of award from MAMA2019 you deserved it all. Credit to your hard work and dedication. Wish you well and nothing but the best next year 2020???”

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