Kang Daniel Has Been Diagnosed With Depression And Panic Disorder

On December 4, Kang Daniel‘s agency Connect Entertainment said that he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder in the first half of this year.

Since then, he is taking medications and psychological treatment. That’s why continuing the promotions for ‘TOUCHIN’ will be difficult.


“I’ll wait here until he gets a good rest and gets back to work slowly”

“See you again in good health, Daniel. Eat a lot of warm food and be careful not to catch a cold”

“Don’t worry. I’ll wait to see you in good health”

“Take a good rest. If you’re in trouble, stop”

“Daniel stay strong”

“Kang Daniel’s health is the top priority”

“Daniel, let’s meet again in good shape. We’re always around!”

“U deserve better in this world, u did well too and thank u for ur hardwork these days. Maybe this is timing for take a rest. Danity will always beside you, trust me. Nothing can i do beside i leave this little message. So hope you be happy and stay healthy”

“I’m always rooting for you, Kang Daniel”

“I hope he gets better soon. Reminding everyone to please be considerate. Idols are human too. They can get hurt and get sick. If you dont have something nice to say then you better shut up. That’s the least thing you can do. No one deserves to get sick or hurt just because of those heartless people”

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