BLACKPINK Jennie Looking Absolutely Stunning In New Instagram Photos

Jennie posted two new photos on her Instagram profile at the Blackpink Tokyo Dome Backstage.

She wrote, “Did you miss me?”


“Of course?”

“So So So ♾ So …. Yesss, I Love U ❤️❤️”

“You are such an inspiration Jennie
just remember that because of you many people stay strong and don’t give up on life because of
your Angelic smile,voice,face,presence, personality and etc.”

“I’m waiting for short blonde hairrr. It would look so good?”

“Yes yes more than what you have expected loooooveeelly girl”

“Jennie, I like your face with short hair?♥️”

“Of course, you are our angel ♥”

“My Queen J please always be happy and take care of your health, we love you so much ??”

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