Jisoo the Turtle Rabbit & Lisa the Duck Cute Selcas Together

Jisoo posted new pictures on her Instagram profile.

Jisoo and Lisa look absolutely adorable with their animal outfits.

She wrote: “Mission Complete” and “For Blinks.”


“Lisoo is the revolution”

“Adorable??My turtle rabbit kim❤️I miss you so much?”

“Hahahaha sooyaaa with her favourite chick..my heart is about to explode ?”

“Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim ?”

“I love you so much!!❤️”

“Nice to meet you, Jissoo Turtle Rabbit Kim!”

“Ty.. we’ll be forever grateful for these pictures”

“Is this really a punishment for both of you or punishment for us??the cutest creatures in this world❤️”

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