BLACKPINK Jennie Looks Absolutely Adorable In New Selca With Lisa’s Cat

BLACKPINK Jennie posted a new sweet selca on her Instagram today. In the picture she hugs Lily, Lisa’s cat.

Look how sweet they are together.


“Jennie with Cat Jennie’s daughter That’s so cute ?”

“Jenlisa ??”

“You are so pretty ?”

“Hi… Jendeukie and lily long time no see…. Ur both so cute❤️”

“Lily means= Lisa I Love You”

“Oh my gosh this cat looks so fluffy and pretty! I wanna get a cat when I got a job after my study, and this looks like my dream cat!”

“Lily is so cute?how was lily healthy. Coz i saw the vlive lisa say Lily sick. Get well cutey Lily?”

“Thanks for existing”

Jennie’s Post:

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Lily @lalalalisa_m

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