BLACKPINK Jennie Looks Absolutely Adorable In New Selca With Lisa’s Cat

BLACKPINK Jennie posted a new sweet selca on her Instagram today. In the picture she hugs Lily, Lisa’s cat.

Look how sweet they are together.


“Jennie with Cat Jennie’s daughter That’s so cute 😍”

“Jenlisa 😍🔥”

“You are so pretty 😍”

“Hi… Jendeukie and lily long time no see…. Ur both so cute❤️”

“Lily means= Lisa I Love You”

“Oh my gosh this cat looks so fluffy and pretty! I wanna get a cat when I got a job after my study, and this looks like my dream cat!”

“Lily is so cute😘how was lily healthy. Coz i saw the vlive lisa say Lily sick. Get well cutey Lily😍”

“Thanks for existing”

Jennie’s Post:

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Lily @lalalalisa_m

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