Kang Daniel Impresses Fans With His Big Smile And Powerful Dance Moves In “Happy Together 4” Preview

KBS ‘Happy Together 4′ will air on November 28. Kang Daniel will join Kim Youngok, Sung Byungsook, Park Joongyu, Park Hosan, Kim Sungchul and Kim Kanghoon as special MC for the show.

The news that Kang Daniel will return to “Happy Together 4” as special MC made headlines even before the recording.

You can watch the preview here:


“I’m waiting for Kang Daniel in Happy Together”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Kang Daniel as the MC. It’s been a long time, I can’t wait”

“I’m gonna watch Kang Daniel’s show”

“I’m so curious about the episode with MC Kang Daniel. The pre-released ‘touchin’ dance was the coolest. Thank you so much. I’ll watch it”

” Come here tomorrow at 11:00~ Kang Daniel first solo entertainment show”

“Kang Daniel is so cute. I’m looking forward to it”

” I can’t wait to see you “

“Kang Daniel in Happy Together? I’ll be sure to watch it. Fighting!”

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