‘Vagabond’ Season 2? There Is A Possibility

Despite requests from viewers for ‘Vagabond‘ season 2, it has yet to be decided whether to make the season or not.

The drama production said “Season 2 has not been decided and is currently in the process of reviewing it.”

“We planned and produced ‘Vagabong’ with season 2 in mind,” the official told the media. “We are reviewing the schedules of actors, writers and directors.”

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(+123,-5) Suzy became a lobbyist and started revenge, while Lee Seung-gi was preparing for revenge. So Lee Seung-gi can’t shoot Suzy. There’s still a lot to be revealed, and then there’s no way of getting revenge.

(+102,-1) If you put Season 2 in advance like Chief of Staff 2, shouldn’t you have gone back and forth with the actors and actresses in advance?

(+76,-1) Please make it without fail.

(+50,-1) It seems that the movie is not finished yet. Season 2 is coming out.

(+42,-1) I’m looking forward to Season 2.

(+15,-0) It doesn’t make sense. It’s a victory of evil if you end up like that.

(+8,-0) I’ll wait for season two.

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