Singer Goo Hara Has Been Found Dead At Her House Today

Singer Goo Hara was found dead at her home.

Gangnam Police said that Goo Hara was found dead around 18:09 and more details will be revealed after the investigations.

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(+4520,-99) I’m in favor of the real name system on the Internet. The demons there should be punished.

(+2396,-47) I wish it’s a false report.

(+1549,-79) Goo Hara, your ex-boyfriend should be punished severely.

(+622,-28)Please  punish her ex-boyfriend.

(+405,-11) She said she’s okay. But she wasn’t okay either.

(+396,-7) Revenge porn threats and numerous sexual harassment complaints have killed her. If you were a man, you wouldn’t have experienced this.

(+381,-1) Why is it that only the victim has to die every day, but the perpetrator lives well?

(+292,-4) 2019 years is the worst year in the world of entertainment.

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