BTS’ Jimin Ranked #1 In The Brand Reputation For Individual Idol For November, #3 Kang Daniel

BTS’s Jimin topped the rankings again with 10,523,260 PTS, G-Dragon ranked second with 9,916,947 PTS and Kang Daniel claimed the third spot with 8,273,745 PTS.

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Knetizen’s Reaction:

“Congratulations to Jimin”

” Congratulations, Jimin, BTS. I always support you”

“GD is really great”

“Jimin is the biggest superstar idol of all time”

“Congratulations and support Kang Daniel”

“BTS’ Jimim congratulations on your 1st place! Let’s keep walking the flower path”

“Jimin of BTS! Congratulations on your 1st place!”

“Congratulations, Kang Daniel. I’m rooting for you forever”

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