Kang Daniel Ranked #1 On Idol Chart For 87 Consecutive Weeks

He did it again!

Kang Daniel topped the Idol Chart for 87 consecutive weeks, with 97.757 votes and 12.268 likes. Congratulations!

original post: naver


(+125,-5) Congratulations on winning for 87 consecutive weeks. I’m looking forward to digital single ‘TOUCHIN’

(+66,-2) Congrats on Kang Daniel’s Idol Chart for 87 weeks. Congratulations on your No. 1 spot. Kang Daniel and Danity are cool too!

(+45,-0) Congratulations on ranking first for 87 weeks in a row

(+18,-0) It’s been 87 weeks since he was ranked 1st. Congratulations.I’m looking forward to the digital single Touchin (2019.11.25.6pm) and I always support you.

(+16,-0) Congratulations, Kang Daniel. ❤

(+7,-0) Congratulations, Kang Daniel. I’m looking forward to today’s fan meeting

(+5,-0) Congratulations on being number one for 87 consecutive weeks, Kang Daniel! Always looking forward to everything!

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