Bae Suzy And Lee Seung-gi Show Off Their Good Chemistry In new Cute Selcas

On November 22, Suzy posted new selcas with actor Lee Seung-gi on her Instagram profile!

She informed fans that Drama ‘Vagabond’ will air again this week!

She wrote: “Today is Vagabond day. Finally ????”


“Dalgun and Haeri ?????”

“My haedal couple ??”

“Haedal couple we gonna miss you and Vagabond so much”

“Suzy with Seunggi ??❤️”

“The caption should be “me and my bf” ?”

“You are my fav female actor at korea?”

“Oh! Love this couple❤️”

“Can’t wait Vagabond Couple??. I wish Vagabond Happy Ending?”

Suzy’s Original Post:

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