(G)I-dle Minnie Enjoying Her Free Time With CLC Sorn And CLC Elkie

On November 21, Minnie posted new photos on (G)I-dle Instagram profile.

She looks cute while enjoying her time with her friends CLC Sorn and CLC Elkie.

She wrote: “Date with November girls @sssorn_chonnasorn @chongtingyanelkie ???”


“My queen! ??You are so gorgeus ?”

“Date with november girls yes i’m crying”

“My bias ❤️”

“Girl squad?”

“Yessss Minnie promoting clc better than Cube”

“Is this the Cube Cafe?”

“That some stunning visual. ❤️?”

“Neverlands x Cheshires? I ship it”

  Minnie’s Original Post:

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