‘Mount Baekdu’ Releases Still Cut Of Actor Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo And Bae Suzy

‘Mount Baekdu’ Still Cut!

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(+35,-0) For some reason, I don’t see Korean movies alone, but this is a movie that I have to watch alone in the theater.

(+35,-3) Baekdu Mountain, fighting! Choi Ji-young, Suzy, fighting!

(+33,-4) Suzy you were good at acting in Vagabond, I will look forward to Baekdu Mountain too.

(+21,-0) It’s a super-luxury cast.

(+13,-0) Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo and Bae Suzy are amazing.

(+10,-0) The line-up is huge. So when is it going to be released?

(+2,-0) It was already fun just looking at the still cut.

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