Knetizens Can’t Wait To Watch Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo and Bae Suzy’s Upcoming Movie ‘Mount Baekdu’

Actor Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo, Jeon Hye Jin and Bae Suzy at the press conference for new movie ‘Mount Baekdu.’

original post: naver


(+115,-4) I can feel the trust between actors Lee Byunghun and Ha Jungwoo.

(+194,-23) It’s already fun and it  has a big scale. There’s anxiety that it might explode once because of  Mt. Baekdu. You don’t need words to drescribe Lee Byunghun, Ha Jungwoo and Ma Dongseok. Jun Hyejin’s face is cool, and it’s nice just to see Suzy’s face but she’s also good at acting in Vagabond, so I’m looking forward to a difficult change in acting.

(+197,-168) Suzy, you’ve been acting very well lately. I’m rooting for you.

(+39,-20) It’s been a while since I saw Suzy on the screen. I’m so excited. I hope Baekdu Mountain will hit the box office.

(+18,-0) I’m looking forward to Mt. Baekdu.

(+10,-1) That sounds like fun~ I can’t wait to see you.

(+23,-17) I can’t wait to see Suzy.

(+2,-1) Everyone is so cute. I’m going to see your acting.

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