CIX Members Shows Off Their Amazing Visual In Latest DAZED Pictorial

CIX members posed on a cover pictorial for Dazed magazine.

original post: naver


(+46,-0) CIX are good at singing,  good at dancing and good at pictorials.

(+38,-0) You’re good at pictorials, you’re good at idols, you’re really good CIX.

(+3,-0) Bae Jin Young’s atmosphere and  CIX’s song  is amazing.

(+2,-0) That’s so cool, CIX.

(+2,-0) BX, Seung Hoon, Bae Jin Young, Yong Hee, Hyun Suk, thank you. I love you.

(+1,-0) Wow, that’s so cool.

(+1,-0) CIX is awesome.

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