Park Jihoon Will Be Guesting on JTBC ‘Idol Room’

Park Jihoon will guest on Idol Room special episode on December 3!

original post: naver


(+29,-1) Awesome Park Jihoon. Park Jihoon on idol room is already fun. I’m looking forward to the mini-second album. Park Ji Hoon, thank you for always working hard.

(+19,-0) It’s so good, I want to see Jihoon on entertainment shows. I can’t wait for December 3~

(+13,-0) Park Jihoon, who will do well on entertainment shows! I’ve been waiting a long time. I think he’ll be able to show his sense of humor on Idol Room as well!

(+11,-0) Wow, I will watch Park Ji Hoon on the Idol Room. I love it.

(+1,-0) I’m really looking forward to it. Park Jihoon, come back soon.

(+1,-0) I’m looking forward to seeing Park Jihoon after a long time. Let’s hit the jackpot for the second album.

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