Park Jihoon Is Coming Back With 2nd Mini Album ‘360’ On December 4

Park Jihoon will comeback this December 4 with 2nd Mini Album ‘360’!

original post: naver


(+202,-4) Singer Park Jihoon ㅠ Since it’s been a while since the last comeback, I’m looking forward to it

(+90,-2) I’ve been waiting for Park Jihoon comeback ㅜㅜ

(+76,-1) 2019 is full of happiness thanks to Park Jihoon. Congratulations and love Park Jihoon who is returning as a singer, actor, and singer again.

(+14,-0) I can’t wait to see you. Park Ji Hoon, I wait for your comeback.

(+7,-0) I’m looking forward to a new album, Park Jihoon.

(+5,-0) Singer Park Jihoon, fighting

(+2,-0) I’ve been waiting for you, singer Park Jihoon.

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