Kang Daniel Is Filming KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Guerilla Date

Kang Daniel is currently filming KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Guerrilla Date near Hongdae, Seoul, on November 19.

The streets of Hongdae were crowded with thousands of fans to meet Kang Daniel.

original post: naver


(+142,-3) Kang Daniel is hard-working.

(+134,-2) I’m going to watch the guerrilla date. Let’s cheer for Kang Daniel’s music.

(+70,-2) Congrats Daniel… can’t wait to see you on TV again.

(+11,-0) Kang Daniel ❤ Guerilla Date.

(+10,-0) Let’s all meet the flower road from now on. Kang Daniel, we all love you so much.❤

(+14,-5) Haha~ Kang Daniel, fighting~♡♡

(+7-0) I’m glad you work hard, Kang Daniel.

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