Kang Daniel And Park Jihoon, The Comebacks Of The Year

Singers Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon will make a comeback at the same time.

Kang Daniel will release his new song ‘TOUCHIN’ on November 25, while Park Jihoo’s comeback is set for December 4.

original post: naver


(+261,-4) Kang Daniel and Park Jihoo fighting ^^

(+213,-2) Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon, two singers with different charms. I look forward to your performances.

(+276,-66) Let’s cheer for your comebacks! Show me a great performance.

(+230,-54) Kang Daniel TOUCHIN’ congratulations on your comeback. Park Ji Hoon, fighting!

(+74,-2) Kang Daniel ❤ Park Jihoon I’m rooting for you.

(+45,-0) Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, show us a great performance. I’ll support you~~~

(+33,-3) Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon, I look forward to your comeback. They’re both amazing.

(+24,-0) Kang Daniel & Park Jihoon, I wish you both good luck.

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