IZ*ONE, What Are They Doing Now?

IZ*ONE members revealed that they are staying at their respective homes, resting.

IZ*ONE activities has been delayed and the members have been confirmed they are spending time recharging while taking personal time.

original post: naver


(+663,-124) Take a rest and come back with a healthy look!!

(+414,-53) Let’s recover and see you again. Cheer!

(+344,-41) All right, guys, let’s get your energy up and see you soon with a smile.

(+282,-35) I want you all to take a good rest and see you again in good health.

(+270,-34) I’ll wait. I’ll see you again!

(+31,-2) I think it’s right to take a break with your family at home. Cheer up.

(+44,-17) If the article is true, rest and come back.

(+28,-4) Resting at home and looking for health is the first thing. Come on, guys!

(+27,-5) Take a rest and come back. I’ll wait.

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