X1 Kim Wooseok Is The Idol Who Looks The Best With Glasses On IDOL CHAMPION!

Kim Wooseok won #1 as the Idol that looks great with glasses on Idol Champion’s poll!

original post: naver


(+434,-9) I got Kim Wooseok’s glasses!

(+361,-3) I want you to support Woo Seok’s future.

(+291,-3) Wooseok, you’re so cool.


(+287,-2) Cool Wooseok. I support your life.

(+231,-19) Wooseok is so pretty. I love you.


(+76,-0) Kim Wooseok’s glasses are perfect. I want to see you wearing them often.

(+46,-8) I always cheer for you.

(+34,-0) Wooseok, I miss you. I love you.


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