TWICE’s Dahyun Looks Gorgeous With Her Candy Bong Make-Up In Her Latest Selca

On November 17, Dahyun posted a new selca on TWICE’s official Instagram profile.

She wrote: “There’s ONCE candy bong in my eyes 🍭”


“Such a pretty babie”

“Love you Dubu ❤️”

“Beautiful angel”

“If you aren’t the cutest i don’t know who is”

“Dubu Dubu”

” My baby!!!!! i love u! i hope are you happy and healthy ♥”

“Dubu said her eyes looks like candy bong 😭😭 thats so cute 😭”

“Why’s the camera so close to ur face tho😭”

Dahyun’s Original Post:

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내 눈에 원스 캔디봉🍭

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