Kang Daniel And Child Actor Kim Kanghoon’s Sweet Selca On ‘Happy Together 4’

Child actor Kim Kanghoon and Kang Daniel’s sweet selca on ‘Happy Together 4’.

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(+289,-2) Kang Daniel Do and Kim Kanghoon are both cute.^^

(+255,-0) Cutie pie ♡

(+305,-182) Wow, Kang Daniel, you look so young. You look so cute.

(+268,-147) It’s been a long time since I was so emotional after watching the child acting.I’m looking forward to acting when he grows up.Fighting!

(+29,-0) It’s a really good shot. Both are cute.

(+18,-0) They are so cute. I can’t wait to watch the show.

(+15,-2) Oh, Daniel, you’re good. You look younger than you used to be. Cute

(+3,-0) Just looking at it makes me feel better.

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