Bae Jin Young Looks Like A Prince In His Lace Outfit At His Recent Event

Bae Jinyoung at V Live Awards V Heartbeat on November 16.

original post: theqoo


1. What is this? He looks like a prince at the ceremony…..

2. Heol is handsome… Nice atmosphere, man.

3. You’re so handsome. You look like a prince. Really.

4. Oh, he’s really like a nobleman……………………..crazy.

5. Why did you look like Park Jinyoung?

6. He is so handsome and has a good atmosphere and voice. He is so cool.

7. Wow, you’ve grown up so well.

8. The face is so small.

9. You’re more handsome than before.

10. Wow, Bae Jin Young is handsome…

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