TWICE Tzuyu Looks Like A Real Princess At The Airport Today

Tzuyu was spotted at Gimpo Airport on November 15, 2019.

original post: naver


(+108,-7) Pretty Tzuyu ♡

(+58,-1) The title of the article, Princess Tzuyu, she is pretty today.

(+51,-2) She is so pretty, take care Tzuyu ❤️

(+34,-3) Tzuyuㅎㅎ pretty.

(+16,-0) Why are you so cute?

(+13,-0) Beautiful Tzuyu ❤❤

(+10,-1) She’s a real princess.

(+8,-0) She is the prettiest. She’s so cute.

(+7,-0) Polite and kind Tzuyu

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