OH MY GIRL YooA Shows Off Her Attractive Lips In Latest Pictorial For CLIO Cosmetic

Yooa‘s new pictorial for professional make-up brand CLIO!

original post: naver


(+87,-3) Yooa, you’re so beautiful. Please print 295929 million photo.

(+51,-0) Yooa I love you.

(+40,-0) I’m so happy and proud of Yooa!! I can’t wait to come here to Philippines. I love you Yooa! 

(+38,-0) She looks like a real doll.

(+30,-0) Oh, look at her lips ~

(+29,-3) She’s really gentle. She’s tall, her face is small, she’s a good singer, she’s a good dancer, she’s amazing.

(+11,-0) She is very beautiful.

(+10,-0) Cherry Goddesses ❤️

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