Kang Daniel New Song Will Be Revealed At His Fanmeeting

Kang Daniel will reveals his new song for the first time at his Fanmeeting in Seoul, on November 22-24.

original post: naver


(+115,-2) I’m happy to see Kang Daniel.I’m looking forward to the new song.^^

(+30,-0) I’ll look forward to it, too, Kang Daniel.

(+4,-0) I’m so curious about the concept this time, I can’t wait to see it.I’m always rooting for you, Kang Daniel.

(+2,-0) I’m so happy to be a fan of Kang Daniel.

(+2,-0) I’m looking forward to the release of the new song. See you at the fan meeting. Thank you all the time. I love you.❤

(+1,-0) I wish I could be there to watch Kang Daniel perform the new song.

(+1,-0) New song from Daniel! Can’t wait. It will be good.


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