VIXX LEO To Enlist In The Military On December 2nd

On December 2, VIXX Leo will join the military as a regular active soldier.

He is suffering from depression and panic disorder.

original post: naver


(+12,-0) Thank you for holding on. Have a nice trip.

(+10,-0) I love you. I’ll wait. I’ll always be there ♡

(+7,-0) I’ll be waiting here forever!Don’t be sorry. Just be healthy.They always worry us more than you do and wish us happiness.I will always cheer you up so that you can be happier and healthier.Thank you.

(+3,-0) Don’t get hurt. Take care of yourself. We’ll be waiting here.

(+3,-0) I don’t know what to say… Oh, thank you so much, but also I am so sorry… I hope you’ll be healthy and happy. I always support you!
(+3,-0) I’m sure you’ve had a hard time living as an idol. You’ve had a hard time. You’ve had to endure and try and shine more. Thank you so much. I hope you finish your military service safely.~♡



(+3,-0) Have a safe trip. I’ll cheer you on. Fighting!

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